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The joy of parenthood is undoubtedly unrivalled by any other joy. It is counted as among the biggest blessings of life when one sires a healthy new born. While there are obvious hassles like sleepless nights, handling the baby and keeping an eye on it 24/7, all of these pains are more than compensated with the joy and sense of satisfaction that the little ones brings in the lives of its parents. There are so many processes associated with babies that parents fall absolutely in love with, such as, dressing them up, buying their stuff, talking about them to other new parents, recording their funny antics, etc. Among the most enriching and feel good experience of having a baby is the process of naming him or her. It is not only a privilege to be naming any other human being but also a huge responsibility and a daunting task which many parents take months to decide about. Quite often, parents decide upon a handful of names in case of either sex before the baby is born. However, often, after looking at the baby and comprehending its behavior, the mother and father undergo changes in feelings and get to loggerheads on the topic of taking a decision regarding the name. They can either opt for trending baby names or go for something traditional and old school. Baby name trends keep changing annually and usually feature unique, never heard of before kind of names. Most of these trends are inspired by celebrities, be it their own babies’ names or their names, in real or in reel.

Parents choose a baby name

For example, last year, owing to the popularity of hit shows such as ‘Girls’ or ‘Game of Thrones’, there was a significant increase in the number of names of babies printed on birth certificates that were the names of the characters in the show or the real names of the protagonists. There are celebrities who have opted for weird and wild names such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s son Apple, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, Nichols Cage’s son Kal-El and Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage Moonblood, among many others. For parents who want their baby’s name to be one of a kind, such celebs serve as role models to get their creative juices flowing and think of an outlandish name. However, before naming the kid think about this consequences in his or her future life and go ahead with caution.

Baby Name Meaning

While some parents don’t really give so much emphasis to the meaning part of their baby’s name, most parents would prefer their little one’s name to have a deep meaning which would be fun to explain to people and also bestow a sort of worth on their child. People are increasingly looking to refer to names of other cultures such as Arabic, Greek or Hinduism to find a nice sounding name bearing a meaning that would resonate with their sensibilities. Although such unique and exotic sounding names are getting popular, the good old names that have been around since decades no, are still topping the list of the most preferred baby names.

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