How Your Choice of Baby Names Affect Your Child’s Future

Several articles were already written to explain the importance of carefully choosing baby names. But what really are the future effects of choosing the right or wrong name for your child? Experts have conducted studies on this area and have determined that your choice of name has both positive and negative effects on your child as he/she goes to school, becomes employed, or simply on your child’s future behavior or how he/she integrates to the society. Here are a few examples:

Parents choose a baby name

The issue on bullying.

If you’re living in western countries like the United States, bullying can be your child’s future concern in case you choose the wrong or less desirable boys names or girls names. Choosing a very long, hard-to-pronounce, funny-sounding, and names with a negative meaning in other languages can all make your child vulnerable to bullying. Bullying can be a huge problem which can last from your child’s schools years up to his/her adulthood.

The issue on discrimination.

Millions of people around the world experience discrimination simply based on their names. In the US, most African Americans have names unique to their race, making most of them readily identified as “blacks”. This also happens in other countries. There are those who discriminate certain cultures, races, or classes of people. And aside from social discrimination, there’s also a study suggesting that children can also be discriminated inside the school based on their given baby names.

Your choice of name can affect his/her future behavior.

Perhaps, the most striking effect of choosing the right or wrong boys names and girls names is on your child’s behavior. On the positive side, there are children who can cope up and be stronger emotionally even if they are bullied of having less desirable names. But on the negative side, there are children who become shy, aloof, and less socially active.

Your choice of name affects his/her performance and interest in learning.

Related to the name’s effect on behavior, your choice of name can also affect your child’s future performance and interest in learning. Obviously, shy and timid children will not perform as bright as those who are confident enough. Additionally, there has been a study citing that children with common/regular names tends to perform on the average while those who have unique or strong baby names excel in academics.

It can affect his or her future career.

When it comes to your child’s future career, it seems that children with unique boys names or girls names have an advantage. It is observed that most successful businessmen, executives, and leaders have unique names. Your child’s name will be his/her future brand. And if it’s unique, it will be easier to recall. If you are observant enough, you have probably noticed that your officemate with the most unique or distinct name gets most of the attention.

Social expectations.

And finally, there’s that social expectation when it comes to baby names. Choose a hero or a leader’s name for your child and people will eventually expect something from him or her in the future. Another example; name your child Einstein and he will be expected to become intelligent. Certainly, people will always associate a meaning or expectation from an individual’s name.

As explained above, parents can certainly affect their child’s future life through their choice of name. So choose carefully, wisely, and intelligently.

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