Choosing a Baby Name

One of the greatest joys when anticipating the arrival of a baby is brainstorming a list of awesome names for him or her, but it can be a daunting task as well. Naming your baby is the first important decision you make for them. Names can have profound and lasting implications over the course of a person’s life. The name you select for your baby can shape and define your baby’s attitudes and beliefs, and can define them as people. Whether you are thinking of following the longstanding tradition of naming your baby after a relative, giving them a trendy name, making up a unique name of your own or giving them a classically popular name, it’s important to give your baby a name that has a meaning behind it and will represent your child well from infancy into adulthood and onwards.

Parents choose a baby name

A great way to approach making the crucial decision of selecting a baby name is to imagine that you are naming yourself. If you’re thinking of baby names that you would not want to represent you throughout your entire life, then you are likely on the wrong track in naming your baby. A baby name also should take into account any future nicknames that can arise from it, how easy it is to pronounce and spell and how it will sound with your baby’s surname. Today, we as a society have an amplified awareness of branding and baby names are a big part of that. Parents want their child’s name to lend itself to their future success in life. Given that our identities are partly shaped by the way we’re treated by other people through different stages of our lives, baby names have the potential to influence the way we are perceived by others and how we interact with society.

The baby name you choose can either positively or negatively affect your child’s emotional well- being, attitude, behaviour, personality and professional career path as they grow up. It’s really important to choose a baby name according to your parental instinct. If you wait until the baby is born before you name him or her, you have the advantage of being able to observe their behaviour and personality before choosing an appropriate name. How your baby looks can also impact the decision. Of course, the most important criterion in selecting a baby name is that you and your partner are happy and confident in the decision.

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