Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Names

Are you expecting a new baby in the family but haven’t thought of a good name yet? This shouldn’t be a problem today since there are now hundreds if not thousands of suggestions for baby names available on the internet. Of course, you would also want to consider suggestions of close friends and relatives. But the final decision is on you, the child’s parents. When choosing and deciding, here are the most important things to consider:

Parents choose a baby name

- Prepare early.

Even before the baby comes out into the world, parents should already have a carefully chosen name prepared. Why? Because cramming for a name when it’s about time to file the birth certificate might lead you to pick names which you or your child might regret in the future. Remember, a person’s name is a permanent thing. Although it can be changed legally, it would be difficult and costly.

- Consider the child’s gender.

This one should be simple and obvious; baby boys should have boys names while the girls should have girls names. But have you encountered a person whose name is inappropriate for his or her gender? A common explanation is that parents who really wanted a male child for example but gets a female instead, pursues in giving their prepared male name even if the child is a female. The same is true for parents wanting to have a baby girl but instead are gifted with a baby boy. A great solution for this problem is to choose unisex or gender-neutral baby names. Examples include Alex or Alexis, Charlie, Riley, Rory, Taylor, Jordan, etc.

- The name’s meaning is important.

Another important factor to consider is the meaning of the proposed name whether for girls names or boys names. Most of the time, popular names have their Latin or Greek meanings. But your research should not only be limited to your country, culture, or language. You should also try searching for possible meanings of the proposed name in other languages. This is because a name could have a nice meaning in your country but it could also mean something funny, awkward, or even bad in another language.

- Keep the name short.

A current trend when choosing baby names is to use multiple words or first names. For example; a girl can be named Princess Maria Isabel Antoinette Charlotte. Some parents even go beyond 5 words. Although this is possible, it would bring challenges to your child in the future particularly at school. It would be nice if you can keep the name short, about a maximum of 2 to 3 words would be fine.

- Consider phonetics and the spelling.

Related with the idea of keeping girls names or boys names short, you should also try to keep the spelling and pronunciation simple. This is not meant for your child but for his or her future friends, classmates, teachers, co-workers, etc. You don’t want other people to misspell or mispronounce your child’s name or perhaps, other people to commit mistakes in important personal documents such as birth certificates, school records, passports, contracts, etc.

There are several other factors which can be considered when choosing baby names but the abovementioned points are considered the most important ones.

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