Tip for Choosing Baby Names

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now you get the ultimate responsibility of not only growing a baby, but giving them the name that they’ll have to live with for the rest of their life. OR until they can legally change it. Either way, naming a child is very important.

Parents choose a baby name

Choosing a family name

Many people stick with names that run in their family. Something that their mother or father had been named, their mother or father, etc, etc. Just make sure that both partners agree with this choice. While the name might mean a lot to you, it might not be what the child other parent has envisioned naming their first born.

Popular names

Check out the latest list of popular baby names when putting together your choices. Sometimes, people opt to shy away from popular names to make sure that their child has a unique identifier. Websites like babynames.com have lists of popular names by year.
The most popular baby girl names for 2013 included Charlotte, Amelia, Olivia, Ava, and Aria.
The most popular baby boy names for 2013 included Liam, Noah, Oliver, Aiden (Aidan or Aden as alternative spellings), and Asher.

Picking names by meaning and origin

Many people don’t consider the meaning of the names they pick for their children, but rather go by what sounds nice with their last name. While this is definitely something to consider, the meaning is also a big part of naming a child. The baby girl name Audrey, for example, means Noble Strength and has an English origin. Emma means Universal in Latin. Noah’s origin is Hebrew and means Rest or Peace.

Celebrity, Movie, Book Names

Looking at popular names, many times popular celebrities, books, or movies influence what people name their children. After the Harry Potter books and movies came out, the names Harry, Bellatrix, and Emma skyrocketed in popularity. After the Legally Blonde movies came out, baby girl names like Elle, Ellie, Ella, and Eleanor also became super popular. Remember The Notebook? Noah and Allie are still very popular baby names. This is another reason, though, to keep an eye on popular baby names and consider if you’d like your child to have the same, or a similar name, as many other children their age.

Twins, Multiple Babies

This is something more complicated that truly needs to be left up to the decision of the parents. Some people like to go with themes like flowers for baby girls. Others like to rhyme baby names. This is all up to personal preference, though. Sometimes themes can be cute! Other times, you may be the only one who likes it or gets it. But that’s okay! These are your children. No one else has the right to tell you what to name your child.

No matter what name you go with, just make sure you talk it over with your partner first! Picking a baby name is a big deal---something the child will be stuck with for a very long time. Consider how it will sound with your last name, how popular the names are, and whether or not you’d like to stick with a family name or if you’d like to go with something completely new and different. This is something to have fun with, not stress about. Enjoy picking out your name baby name!

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