Ways to Conceptualize Unique Baby Names

In every place you go, it’s easy to encounter two or more individuals having the same name. There are two major reasons for this; because of the huge population today, and because parents usually go with the trend and just pick popular baby names. Do you want a unique name for your coming child? Although boys names and girls names seem to be saturated and almost all possible options have already been picked, there are actually ways for you to find, create, or conceptualize unique names. The following options can be of help:

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- Research the list of popular names and avoid picking from it.

One way to avoid picking a name that is too common is for you to research on the list of baby names commonly picked by parents. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of lists available on the internet. Once you have found a lengthy and good list, your name ideas shouldn’t include the ones which are part of the list. Another way of doing this is to search specific matches of your proposed name on Google. Common and popular names will yield thousands and millions of results while the unique ones will usually generate fewer search results.

- Combining two or more names of parents or relatives.

Another good option in generating unique boys names and girls names is to combine two or more first names of parents or relatives. A lot of parents in different countries are now using this technique. In creating combinations for baby names, name syllables are usually jumbled or connected. For example; if the father’s name is Jefferson and the mother’s name is Marilyn, the child can be named Jefferlyn or Marison.

- Choosing unique names from religious books.

Religious books particularly the Bible are among the most common basis in choosing baby names. Although it’s a popular name source, a lot of parents only choose the popular ones and fail to notice some of the other unique and beautiful names. Everyone is familiar with names like Christian, Luke, Matthew, John, Mark, Noah, Maria, Elizabeth, Grace, etc. But would you be familiar with Amaziah, Elnathan, Ithamar, Adriel, Drusilla, and Shiphrah? There are many more names for you to discover.

- Use names from another language or culture.

Common and popular boys names and girls names are usually country or culture specific. One name might be common in one place, but it could be rare and unique in another. This difference is usually caused by different cultures and languages. If you want a unique name for your child, why not pick an idea from a different country or language.

- Use a boy’s name for your little girl.

Another unique option in naming is to use boys names for baby girls. It’s no longer a surprise to encounter women today named Alex, Jessie, George, Gabriel, Nash, etc. It is important to note that although this is can be applied to naming baby girls, you should not choose girls names for your baby boy. This is because norms and stereotyping of baby names is still an existing phenomenon worldwide. Of course there’s an exception for this; that’s when you are using unisex or gender neutral names which can be both used for male and females.

Although you are free to use unique names for your baby, you still have to bear in mind the most important considerations like its meaning, value, appeal, and appropriateness for your child.

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